sneak peak

a beautiful collaboration can be hard to come by. but when one happens and happens well, it truly is a lovely thing to witness.

a few months back i was hand drawing and painting each and every individual business card. while i do enjoy being artistic and felt the labor of love represented my services well, i was simply in over my head. so i reached out to my sweet friend chloe yingst, an incredibly talented illustrator whose detailed use of water color is out of this world! be sure to check out her website and etsy shop to purchase prints of her stunning work.

the image above is the first of four illustrations chloe will create of my floral arrangements which will then be turned into business cards and other promotional material for davy gray. see the resemblance to the image below? i'm telling you, this girl's got major skills! so eager to see this beauty swimming in watercolor!  

image (3).jpeg